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Aquarium Landscaping Set (5pcs)

Aquarium Landscaping Set (5pcs)

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Upgrade your aquarium with our Aquarium Landscaping Set! This 5-piece set includes everything you need to create a beautiful underwater landscape. Enhance the visual appeal of your aquarium and provide a healthier environment for your aquatic pets. Made with quality materials and designed for easy use, this set is perfect for both beginners and experienced aquarium enthusiasts.

  • These aquarium tools consist of two long tweezers, two scissors, and a sand rake to help you in landscaping your aquarium
  • Long tool design to easily reach the bottom of the aquarium
  • High-quality stainless steel that does not rust even after using them for a long time
  • Convenient bag carrier that can store all of these tools
  • Material: Stainless Steel / Weight: 400g (14.11oz)
  • Sizes:
    • Straight tweezers: 27cm (10.61in)
    • Curved tweezers: 27cm (10.61in)
    • Straight shears: 25.5cm (10.02in)
    • Curved shears: 25.5cm (10.02in)
    • Sand smooth pad: 32cm(12.58in)
  • Package Contents:
    • Aquarium Tools Landscaping Set:
      • 1 x Straight Tweezers
      • 1 x Curved Tweezers
      • 1 x Straight Shears
      • 1 x Curved Shears
      • 1 x Sand Smooth Pad
      • 1 x Storage Bag
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