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BIOLINE Keep Off Spray For Dogs (300mL)

BIOLINE Keep Off Spray For Dogs (300mL)

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Spray Bioline Keep Off Spray On A Surface Can Create An Invisible Shield That Keeps Dogs Off.

Safely Used On Any Kind Of Furniture, Carpets Or Drapes. Prevents Dogs From Scratching, Chewing Or Destroying Any Treated Furniture, Carpet Or Drapes.

Bioline Dog Repelling Spray 300 Ml Bioline Dog Keep Off Spray Removes Your Dog From The Applied Areas Thanks To The Scents It Contains.

You Can Keep Your Dog Away From These Areas By Spraying Them On Spots Or Things You Don'T Want Your Dog To Go To.

Dogs Can Damage Unwanted Areas Because They Are Attracted To Them, You Can Use Bioline Dog Repellant Spray To Remove Dogs From These Areas And Prevent Them From Harming Them.

It Has No Harm To Dogs, It Just Repels It. Suitable For Indoor Use.

Bioline Dog Repellant Spray 300 Ml 681-2028

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