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BIOLINE Neutral Shampoo (250mL)

BIOLINE Neutral Shampoo (250mL)

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Use The Shampoo Sparingly As A Necessary For The Size Of The Dog. Apply Shampoo To The Wet Coat, Spread Evenly And Rinse With Lukewarm Water. Repeat If Necessary. After Rub The Animal Dry And Keep It Well – Protected From Washing The Coat, It Is Important To Draught. Highlights • Gently Cleanses The Coat Without The Need For Bath • Renders A Long Lasting Fragrance That Eliminates Pungent Smell • Provides Shine And Smoothness To The Fur.

  • About this item.
  • High-quality shampoo made for dogs specifically..
  • Promotes healthy skin and coat on your pets..
  • Soothes irritated, sensitive or itchy skin..
  • Works to reduce shedding..
  • Safe, gentle and effective..
  • Imported from USA.

Bioline Neutral Pet Shampoo is a mild pet shampoo without
fragrance. It can be used for both dogs and cats. It neutralizes
foul odors in pet coats and maintains a balanced pH level. It
soothes irritated skin. It is safe to use on pets with sensitive
and itchy skin. It is antibacterial and it kills fleas, tick and
mosquitoes by contact.

Bioline Neutral Pet Shampoo provides premium coat and skin
treatment. It is safe to use for routine pet baths on dogs and
cats. It works on reducing shedding. It promotes a healthy skin
and coat on your pet.

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