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BIOLINE Tofu with Bentonite Cat Litter (6L)

BIOLINE Tofu with Bentonite Cat Litter (6L)

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Quick Clumping,

3 Seconds to suction,


Vacuum packing

-Ultra Clumping: Clumping action reduces waste resulting in less usage

-Super Absorbent: Absorb fast-no sticking to bottom of the tray

-Natural Based No Artificial Flavors & Additives

*min 4cm in tray

Main Ingredients

Corn starch, bean dregs, bentonite, guar gum.

Instruction for use

1. Fill a clean litter tray with 4-6cm of

2. Remove the clumps and add fresh cat litter regularly

3. Keep a depth of 4cm, empty entire litter tray for fresh cat litter once a month


1. Pour a 2-inch layer of the cat liter into a dean litter bo

2. Superior Jumping action than other similar products complete removal after use

3. Remove clumps of waste with a scoop and discard according to your local regulations

4. Clean the litter residue as necessary, thoroughly clean the litter basin, then pour new litter into it.


Store in a dry, ventilated place

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