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KW Zone Flea and Anchor Worm Clear (200grams)

KW Zone Flea and Anchor Worm Clear (200grams)

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The product is highly effective, with wide treatment range and safe. 

It can eliminate all kinds of aquatic parasite like Fish Lice and Anchor Worm etc (For lice it will die within 3-5 hours. It can treat also infusorian like Trichodina and Vorticella and parasites like Gyrodactyliasis and Doctylogyrosis and other kinds of bacteria diseases as well.

Dosage:Add 3-5g of the product to every 100 liters of water.Two to three application should be made at 1-3 days intervals for severe case. At least two continuous treatment should be done at 2-3 days intervals for Gyrodactyliasis and Doctylogyrosis. 1/3 of water change is required before the treatment.


1. Do not use together with strong acid, alkaline orother drugs.

2. Keep out of reach of children.

3. Store in dry & cold place.

4.Each spoon about 3g

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