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XINXIU Aquarium Heater

XINXIU Aquarium Heater

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Install the suction mount to heater tube. Position the he in the aquarium and priss suction cup firmly against g to adhere to the aquarium wall.


Place the heater where the unit is unobstructed, and where there is a free flow of water to ensure even heat dispersion.

Ensure that the heater is fully submerse in the water at all time when operating.

Be sure no rocks, decorations or gravel obstructions touching the heater to create uneven heat.

Allow heater to acclimate in the aquarium water temperature for 20 minutes before plugging it into the electricaloutlet. 

Be sure arrange drip loop for the heater cord and any other electrical item that is place in or on the aquarium.


The heater must never be operated outside of the aquarium. 

If the heater is not fully submerse inside the water, the thermostat can no longer read the water temperature and therefore can no longer control the heating correctly.

If the heater has to taken out of water or when transferring or changing the water, disconnect the heater from the power source and wait for at least 45 minutes to allow it to cool down.

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